Breath made visible

a film by Ruedi Gerber, documentary, 80 min., USA 2009

Breath Made Visible is the first feature documentary about the life and career of this pioneer of 20th-century American dance. The film ranges from Halprin’s initial explorations of dance during her childhood and her experimental performances on a stage under Californian redwoods to her spectacular European tours, her withdrawal owing to illness and her triumphant comeback at the age of 80.
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Journey In Sensuality - Anna Halprin & Rodin

a documentary by Ruedi Gerber, 62 min, Switzerland 2016

For the first time in Anna Halprins career, we get to watch her in the act of creation, giving shape to her vision. Fred Frith composed an extraordinary soundtrack to accompany the dancers’ movements and the images of Rodin's sculptures, whereby the film becomes a poetic confluence of two artistic visions.
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Seniors Rocking

a documentary by Ruedi Gerber, 30 min, 2010

The film retraces not only the development of a unique performance with residents of two nursing homes in California, but also the growth of a sense of community when fifty people from various walks of life, age 65 to 100, join forces to perform together.
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